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Perfection in Pandora!..x..

I’ve never been a huge fan of Pandora really – I think it was a huge fad and I personally wasn’t very keen on everyone having identical bracelets – but I think I’ve been won over by my new leather bracelet! It was a birthday present and I am in love with it. It looks great with my watch too don’t you think? 😉 The stone is a Peridot – my birthstone – and I think the leather strap will just go with everything. Plus it’s an added bonus that leather is HUGE for AW12. Perfection in Pandora I say! 😉 xoxo




Make every day a Gorgeous Hair Day!..x..

Hi my darlings! 😊

So it was my birthday during the week – I’ve been quite busy out celebrating with my loved ones 😉 – and I received quite an amount of fabulous prezzies. My main man bought me a GHD hair straightener – it was actually a replacement for one that I broke a year ago.

I know most of my friends anyways all either have or have used GHDs before, and without a doubt they are the best straightening irons that money can buy. The ceramic plates ensure that you get a super sleek finish on your hair. What I find amazing about them too is not only does it perfectly straighten even the most frizzy, curly, out of control hair, but it also does a pretty good job at curling hair. GHDs create curls and waves unlike any curling iron – they really are amazing! 😉

Using hair straighteners and curling irons on a daily basis can lead to damaging your hair and making it weak and brittle. What I usually do is use a heat protector on the hair prior to using the irons and I also add some Moroccan oil. (if you haven’t heard of Moroccan oil before you
Just try it – it’s amazing! – leaves your hair looking so unbelievably shiny and healthy looking! 😃)

The GHDs are available in a variety of colours – from the classic grey version, to black, silver, even in pink! I got the new super shiny black version – its beautiful! It comes in different sizes too – the mini version is so cute ☺ and the wider version is great for using on longer hair.

GHDs are available nationwide from all Peter Marks hair salons, for around €100. You can also purchase them online from GHD Hair. If you haven’t tried GHDs before, you simply must – they really are the best on the market. Let me know what you all think? 😉




Guilty leather pleasure..x

Hi ladies 🙂

So I don’t know about any of you, but I’m a wee bit of an online shopping addict! It’s just so much easier, and there is sooooo much more to choose from, and it can also work out a lot cheaper too I find – or so I tell myself anyways! 😉

A favourite website of mine is Love Clothing and I wanted to share a recent purchase of mine – a Vila black leather jacket.

Leather is a fabric that never goes out of style, and it is set to take the fashion world by storm this AW. From leather jackets, to leggings and pants, every girl will need some key piece for her wardrobe.

I found this amazing jacket on, it’s from Vila, and retails at around €160, but I sneakily enough picked it up for the bargain price of €79 two weeks ago. 😉 The jacket has a beautiful waterfall effect on the front, and the leather is so soft and moves easily with every move. I am actually in love with it 🙂 I’ve worn it loads already, going out at night with skinny jeans and skirts and shorts, and even during the day with some skinnys and pumps. It really is such a versatile piece, and I know it will get me through a couple of seasons. 🙂

What do you all think of it? What leather pieces will you all be investing in? There’s so much to choose from from both the high street and from top designers alike. If you’re a bit weary about investing in some genuine leather gear, go with a cheaper artificial alternative! 😉 xoxo



Summer is officially over!

So seeing as we’re now officially into Autumn on Irish soil.. I figured what better to post about but the best false tan products out there on the market! Cause lets be honest ladies, we had zero summery weather and the week or two in the sun that some of us were lucky to avail of seems oh but a distant memory! 😦 But fear not! We need not keep the pasty white skin that was forced upon us, here are some of my top picks when it comes to bronzing up..x..

Sally Hansen – Instant airbrush legs:

This is an amazing instant tan, with a beautiful shimmering effect. It’s got great coverage as it’s actually make-up, but for legs! I’ve used it all over my body on numerous occasions, and it’s by far one of my favorites for a night out on the town. A reliable product, as used by Kim Kardashian herself!! 😉


St Tropez – Gradual Tanning Mousse:

A little bit more pricier, but if you’ve got the cash it’s well worth the investment! It comes in liquid and spray forms too but I’m personally more fond of the mousse as I find it seems to go on easier. It’s a gradual bronzing product, so it comes out looking really natural, and it is best applied daily. (I find after the morning shower is great!) Has been loved by many celebs over the years – a fantastic product! 🙂


St Moriz – Instant Self Tanning Mousse:

A cheaper alternative to St. Tropez, available in Penneys stores nationwide. It’s a relatively good product that goes on well enough as long as you give your skin a good bit of papering first – ie. exfoliator and moisturizer are a must! If your skin is in dire need of a bit of colour this product is actually great! It does what it says and has quickly become a huge success on the highstreet! 🙂


Rimmel – Instant Sun Shimmer:

Another reliable, cheap-as-chips product, that does exactly what it says on the packaging! Rimmels products have always been fab and this false tan has been a favorite of my friends and I since we first found out what “Fake Tan” was. It’s available everywhere – which is great, as you can always scribble it down the end of Mum’s shopping list before she heads off to Tescos or Dunnes! The only problem I have with this product is that it washes off waaaay too easily – like even in a light rain shower! Not the most ideal product for us gals here in Ireland! :-/


Xen Tan – Weekly Instant Self Tan:

Now this is only a recent discovery of mine, and it is a bit on the expensive, but I promise you the results are amazing! It’s hard enough to find in stores – I ordered some online – but after a friend of mine told me about it and already having known that it was a huge hit with the celebs worldwide – including the gorgeous Kate Middleton! 😉 I had to try it! Check out Natasha Tynan’s amazing post on Xen Fake Tan too!! Great work lady!!


Hope you are all enjoying my blog my lovelies!! xoxo

Nailart on Lazy Sundays..x..

Just a quick post to show ye all how I’m spending my Sunday afternoon!! 😉 nothing like a bit of nailart to keep a girl occupied!!! The OPI polishes are AMAZING!! Well worth the money and are big bottles so last a good while!! Tried dots today!! What do you think?!? 😃 xoxo



Urban Decay Naked Skin

Fantastic article on Urban Decay’s Naked Skin foundation, I’m definitely going to be trying this out! Thanks so much Evething is Pretty with a Splash of Color!! 🙂 x

Evething is Pretty with a Splash of Color

Urban Decay’s Naked line has proven to be a big hit. Starting with the Naked palette then with the Naked 2, Urban Decay has come up with an addition to the line but this time, it’s not an eyeshadow palette. Meet Naked Skin, Urban Decay’s latest foundation which claims to provide an airbrush finish-like coverage that is medium to buildable. Read: flawless.

I’m very interested with this new foundation primarily because of the success of the Naked line. Finding the perfect shade for your skin should be pretty easy as you can choose from all 18 shades. Can’t go to a shop to get the perfect match? Urban Decay’s website allows you to find the equivalent shade based on your current foundation so no need to worry you’d get the wrong color for your skin when ordering online.

This foundation is said to feel light, almost like you’re not wearing…

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10 Creative Ways To Amp Up Your Ponytail

Great article here from alwayssunnyinjune!! 🙂 Jazz up those ponytails ladies!! 🙂 ❤

Always Sunny In June

I was on Stumble Upon the other day and I camp across this article. All of te looks are really great alturnatives to the average ponytail.

Numbers 3, 7, and 10 are my favorites. I can’t wait to try them! Comment below on your favorites. For tips and the original article click here

-Love, June

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The Power of the Peplum <3

The Peplum has been one of the most popular trends for Spring/Summer 2012, and all you fashionistas out there will be happy to know that the craze is set to remain for the forthcoming Autumn/Winter 2012. I, myself, am a HUGE fan of the incredible shape and love it on tops and dresses alike! It’s so forgiving and skimming on the hips, so it’s perfect for all of us who don’t want to be squeezing ourselves into teeny weenie dresses that show every lump and bump! 😉 The trend is set to stay and in every colour imaginable – plum, gold, royal blue, ruby red, and good-ole trustworthy black are among my favs! Here are a couple of items that I’ve spotted, some a bit more pricey than others, but a girl can dream can’t she? 😉 We all need at least one piece to get us through the season!

Alice and Olivia – Tracey Peplum Dress (€350) (available in red & black)


Mulberry – Gold Top (€400)


H&M – Black Leather Top (€59)


Topshop – Royal Blue dress (£46):


Asos – Gold Sequin Top (€42) (also available in Black):


Which one will you be choosing then? 😉


Staying dry and warm during Racing Season..x..

So the weather is, well to put it bluntly, it’s just terrible. (I’m just happy when it’s not raining to be honest.) But needless to say us ladies won’t let the rain and cool breeze interfere with our social calendars. Summer season is also what I like to call Racing Season, and with the famous Galway Races just around the corner it’s time to start thinking up the most amazing outfits – of course bearing in mind the temperamental issues of Irish weather. So here are some of my favorites of what to wear – and how to keep somewhat dry and warm this summer!

-Hats and headpieces are always a must for the festival, especially on account of the mad hatters competition! I am a huge fan of Marion Creedon Hegarty’s designs – she will even create original pieces for clients using whichever fabrics and colours desired. I love this cream flower hat, which will pretty much go with everything, so it is an investment piece, costing €75.


Rock n Rose also has some great quirky creations if you decide to treat yourself, like this amazing Bird Cage Hat, as featured on Vogue UK, costing £110.


But if all these are a little bit out of your price range, you could always pick up a bargain off Ebay. I am constantly finding amazing stuff on this site – just make sure you always use paypal! There are fab pieces available from as little as 99c, so there is something to suit any budget.

-None of us really want to be putting coats and jackets on over our magnificent dresses so scarves and shawls are the perfect partner for all formal wear. New designer Mary Katrantzou has recently teamed up with Topshop and this blue printed shawl is a steal, now reduced to €30 – I’ve picked mine up already!


-And finally, of course, as every Irish girl knows – never leave home without a brolly! Umbrellas don’t have to ruin our gorgeous racing outfits they can be quirky accessories. I’m absolutely in love with Topshop’s amazing Leopard Bow Walker Umbrella, which only costs €20! Isn’t it gorgeous? Penneys have some great bargains too for those of us who can’t afford to make such splurges on our wet weather gear.


Hope this helps you all somewhat ladies! Happy racing! xoxo

Hello world!

Well hello hello Ladies!! 🙂

So I’m quite new to this world but have decided to throw my hand to the Business that is Blogging. This blog is going to mostly be about everything that I love – Clothes, Shoes, Handbags, and all things fashion related; Cosmetics and Beauty Products; Travel and Food. So hope you all enjoy it and keep reading. Watch this space!!


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