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Let the Games Begin!..x..

So who stayed up late to watch the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony last night? 🙂 The ceremony, which officially marks the beginning of the 16-day event, was devised by film director Danny Boyle, cost close to €35million to produce, and featured some 7,500 amateur performers. Boyle, himself, said that: “The ceremony was an attempt to capture a picture of ourselves as a nation and to celebrate the exuberant creativity of the British.” Around 27 million people tuned in to watch, what some describe as “the Greatest Show on Earth.”


The theme of the ceremony was “The Isle of Wonders” and it was like a history lesson more or less. I found it spectacular, and really interesting, I even learned a bit! It was a real star studded event, with a load of big names all being more than willing to take part in the historical occasion. 😉 Some of my favourite highlights of the evening were:

  • The Queen and James Bond’s skit – Her Majesty parachuting in? Really? Imagine!Image
  • How funny were Rowan Atkinson and the London Symphony Orchestra also? I actually couldn’t control myself laughing at his facial expressions. Bring back Mr. Bean!Image

The more boring bits involved watching all of the athletes entering country by country – although we did create a little game of trying to guess which country would be next! Like a geography game ha! 🙂


After some more music, featuring the likes of the Arctic Monkeys, the evening was brought to a close by the musical amazingness of Sir Paul McCartney. He really got into it didn’t he?Image

So, let the games begin! Come on Team Ireland! And here’s to a fabulous 16 days of events! Best of luck to everyone involved! xoxo




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