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Big Beautiful Eyes!..x..

Happy Monday Everyone! 🙂

I dunno about all of you, but here in Dublin, Ireland, we had a beautiful sunny day – which is a rarity in all fairness. 😉 What better than to start the week talkin about one of my favorite everyday eyeshadow palettes, Benefits Big Beautiful Eyes. Now this palette has been around for some time and I’ve been a fan of it for a lonnnnggg time. It consists of three brown shades, which when you have blue eyes like myself you tend to wear a lot of :), there is also a concealer, which is great for any shadows in the under eye area, and there are two handy sized little brushes. The pack itself is quite compact so it easily fits into the smallest of makeup bags – perfect for on the go, there’s even a mirror! 😉 The little eyeliner brush is my favorite little brush ever also, it’s so teeny tiny but does an amazing job at blending and perfecting eyeliner and eyeshadow. There’s even a little booklet included inside the pack, which illustrates a step by step guide to creating the perfect contoured eyes – really what more could a girl need? 😉 This entire set is available in most pharmacies and department stores for around €35.




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14 thoughts on “Big Beautiful Eyes!..x..

  1. Benefit has the best pallette ideas. I want all of them!

  2. Oh this kit is so useful! Especially when you are on the road!! A few easy steps and you go from day time to party night! 😉

  3. I totally agree. Benefit has come out with some great ones lately. Too bad my wallet doesn’t allow me to buy them all. I just want to thank you again for joining my WordPress only beauty blog hop last month. I wanted to let you know September’s post is up if you are interested in signing up again this month.

  4. lifestyletea on said:

    gosh, I love Benefit products. Too bad they dont sell it here!! I’ve had to buy online or when I go over seas! Great post girl xx

  5. Jeni Johnson on said:

    We had very heavy rainfall! 🙂

  6. I love Benefit products! I haven’t tried this one, but I’m a big fan of the Brow-zings, thier blushes, and I love the smell of the Maybe Baby fragrance.

    P.S. The smileys on your post are going down diagonally, did you notice? It may just be my computer screen, though. I notice weird things like that….

    P.P.S I didn’t know you reside in Ireland. I’ve always had a desire to travel there someday in my lifetime 🙂

    • Hello ms jolly blogger! 😊

      As always thanks for reading – and I’m glad that you are a fellow fan of Benefit. Yes I do live in good ole Ireland. It’s a great place – at least it would be if we could put a roof over it! 😉 though surprisingly enough, we’ve been having great weather all week. So about the smileys – I’m not too sure to be certain. They’re all fine on my comp and phone? I’m not sure what you mean by diagonally down either really? Thanks for reading hun!..x..

  7. What eye makeup do you think is appropriate for a fourteen year old to wear everyday to school?

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