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Scrub a dub dub..x..

Hi beautiful ones!! 😊

We all love a good body scrub to wash away traces of dry and old skin, and this coconut scrub from the Body Shop is beyond amazing. I have been a huge fan of almost everything from the body shop for years. Everything smells amazing and the creams are so moisturising and nourishing on my skin. This coconut scrub has really small sandy grains and if you rub them in a nice circular motion the results are amazing. My skin feels silky soft and really smooth – its a great treat! 😊 Do any of you use any body shop products?!




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9 thoughts on “Scrub a dub dub..x..

  1. Jeni Johnson on said:

    I used to use body shop products when I lived back in the states. Sweet Pea fragrance and lotion line were my absolute favorites! one year I tried their cucumber scrub which was actually very cooling! Lip glosses were just okay…..:)

  2. I love the Body Shop Body Butters, i’ve just ordered the strawberry one so fingers crossed it should be here soon, but the coconut one is great!

  3. I really like their body butters. The Brazil Nut Body Butter smells divine!!!

  4. Hello! Hope you’re having a great Wednesday so far, let me brighten it up a little more by nominating you for the So Sweet Blogger award – check it here

  5. Hey I just nominated you for the Very Inspring Blog Award! Go check that out!

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