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A lady’s view on The Dark Knight Rises..x..

The Dark Knight Rises – a Lady’s View:

So ladies, I finally got around to going to the cinema last night to see the much talked about new Batman movie, and by no means was I disappointed. Christopher Nolan certainly created a masterpiece. Bale is fantastic in his role and the story is perfection from the beginning. Hathaway, who usually kind of annoys me in movies, was great too – I actually even found her character funny! (Though her and Batman’s kiss was really pointless and a bit unnecessary in my point of view! 😛 – honestly watch it! ) She did look INSANE in her leather jumpsuit didn’t she? Tom Hardy played a magnificent villain, and really had me shielding my eyes trying to hide from the scary moments! 😉 Overall, there was moments of laughter, terror, excitement, and even a few tears were shed towards the end, but all in all I would recommend the film to everyone and it’s definitely worth the trip to the cinema! My fingers are crossed for a sequel anyways!





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